“Stick to the Union” – Factory girls supported union miners during Coal Strike of 1902

Coal miners across Pennsylvania went on strike in 1902. They couldn't have succeeded without the ladies.


Williamstown Tunnel – A closer look at a Pennsylvania coal mine in the 1860s

Williamstown Tunnel began shipping coal from Northern Dauphin County in 1866 and became the most prosperous coal mine in the state.

“Lykens Valley and the Coal Region” – Journalist Predicts Bright Future For Northern Dauphin County in 1833

"None can tell what a busy scene will be presented near these mines."

“A vivid flash of light” – An 1867 lightning strike electrocuted Wiconisco miners 1,000 feet below ground

In June 1867, a thunderstorm passed through Wiconisco, Pennsylvania and electrocuted miners deep within one of the town's coal mines.

“Revolutionary Disloyalty” – A coal miners’ rebellion in Schuylkill County during the Civil War

In October 1862, Irish miners in Pennsylvania staged an armed revolt against the government. Their actions foreshadowed even bloodier events.

“Very Profitable and Productive”- Developing Williams Valley’s Anthracite Mines During the Civil War

Industrialist Henry Thomas worked with infamous Pennsylvania politicians to develop the coal trade in Williams Valley during the Civil War.