Christmas in a Coal Region ‘patch town’

A writer from Kalmia Colliery in Schuylkill County details Christmas celebrations in a newspaper dispatch from 1877.


“Assaults upon the senses” – The sights and sounds of the Coal Region in the 19th century

A visit to the Coal Region in the 19th century could be an overwhelming and memorable experience.

“The war feeling” – Amid chaos of September 1862, Schuylkill County prepared itself for war

When a Confederate army threatened Pennsylvania in September 1862, the citizens of Pottsville jumped into action. They also felt the harsh hand of war.

“Revolutionary Disloyalty” – A coal miners’ rebellion in Schuylkill County during the Civil War

In October 1862, Irish miners in Pennsylvania staged an armed revolt against the government. Their actions foreshadowed even bloodier events.