When Schuylkill County soldiers raced to defend the Capitol in April 1861… and unfortunate modern parallels

In April 1861, soldiers from Pennsylvania's Coal Region raced to defend the US Capitol. 160 years later, some of those scenes repeated themselves.

“Sever all connection” – A group of Civil War veterans boycotted a Coal Region newspaper in 1883

Civil War veterans in Tower City, PA were infuriated by an insulting story about them in a local newspaper. So they took action.

A Pottsville minister’s letter to President-elect Abraham Lincoln – January 1861

Samuel F. Colt served as the minister at Pottsville's Second Presbyterian Church when he wrote his letter on behalf of Senator Simon Cameron.

Four Christmases – Holiday excerpts from Henry Keiser’s Civil War diary

Four diary entries from the Civil War document the evolution of holiday experiences of a soldier from Pennsylvania's Coal Region.

Thanksgiving Day in Schuylkill County – 1864

A detailed description of how Schuylkill County celebrated Thanksgiving as the Civil War reached its climax.

“Our Pottsville Volunteers” – A song about Schuylkill County’s brave Civil War soldiers

When the Civil War broke out in 1861, the bravery and courage of the volunteer soldiers of Schuylkill County immediately became the stuff of legends. The famed "First Defenders," a group that included a sizable number of men from Pottsville and surrounding communities, were among the first to arrive in Washington to protect the United … Continue reading “Our Pottsville Volunteers” – A song about Schuylkill County’s brave Civil War soldiers

A powerful letter on slavery and the Civil War from a one-time resident of Northeastern Pennsylvania

"ABOLISH SLAVERY" - A remarkable letter from an Irish-American soldier in the Civil War and his evolving anti-slavery beliefs.