This 1864 map of Schuylkill County includes detailed illustrations of mining operations

In both 1863 and 1864, a cartographer named James Scott published highly detailed maps of Schuylkill County that focused on the dozens of collieries dotting the landscape.

Around the map’s edge are sketches of collieries and businesses from around the county. They provide an excellent insight into what a visitor to the area would have seen in the Coal Region as the Civil War raged.

Locust Mountain Colliery

The map is available in extraordinarily high definition thanks to the Library of Congress – check it out! 

Schuylkill County map
Library of Congress

Here’s an example an of illustrations we’ve previously used from this map:

pioneer colliery
(Library of Congress)

Featured Image: 1864 map of Schuylkill County (LOC)

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