The Gazette: Episode 3 – Excelsior on the March

As April turned to May in 1861, we hear letters written by Pittston soldiers who were training for war at encampments across Pennsylvania. They try to recruit their friends at home and muse over the meaning of life and death in a nation riven by civil war.

In this week’s episode, we also explore the rampant patriotism spreading across Pennsylvania in the spring of 1861 and the widespread appearance of the American flag before diving into the state of war in May 1861.

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Our Banner in the Sky Full
This painting by Frederick Edwin Church, “Our Banner in the Sky,” depicts the American flag appearing in a fiery sunset after Fort Sumter. This painting was made amid the flurry of flag-waving as the Civil War began.  (Wikimedia Commons)

Featured Image: “Our Banner in the Sky,” by Frederick Edwin Church, 1861

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