An 1891 photograph shows workers at the Lincoln Colliery in Schuylkill County

In January 1943, the West Schuylkill Press-Herald ran a photograph on the front page in an effort to identify mineworkers who worked at the Lincoln Colliery outside Pine Grove in 1891.

The photograph belonged to H. Elmer Wertz and he reached out to the newspaper and its readers for help identifying those in the image. Wertz, a resident of Lincoln – a small patch town northwest of Pine Grove – could identify many of those who stood for the photograph beneath the Lincoln Colliery’s massive breaker in the warm weather months of 1891, but not all.

Lincoln Colliery 1891
H. Elmer Wertz’s photograph of Lincoln Colliery mineworkers in 1891

This is who Wertz identified:

Sitting among the pieces of timber is George Zimmerman.

Sitting on car, left to right: John Mease, H.E. Wertz, William Harvey, William Koch, Edward Burns, James Neal. Standing in this group are Harry Garis, Harrison Rehrer, William Fessler, George Rehrer, Jacob Felty, Bob Lehman, Jacob Hary, Mr. Reed.

Among the group standing in front of the timber are: John Garis, Irvin Strausser, Joe Cleary, William Seiger, Howard Schreffler, William Workman, Levi Fidler, “Dad” Russell, John Callow, Edw. Miller, Harry Keisey, Charles Tobias, Irvin Lehr, Butler Adams, William Schach, Edw. Strausser, Frank Kimmel, Jacob Rumpf.

Sitting in the first row are George Boe and Pete Rumpf.

Featured Image: Workers at the Lincoln Colliery in Schuylkill County in 1891.

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3 thoughts on “An 1891 photograph shows workers at the Lincoln Colliery in Schuylkill County

    1. Unfortunately, this is the highest resolution we can get from the newspaper scan. Hoping that one of the local historical societies might have the original.


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