PennCivilWar – Check out our newest project on Pennsylvania in the Civil War

On July 1, 2019, we joined in a new project aiming to tell the story of Pennsylvania’s integral role in the Civil War.

PennCivilWar is a project featuring the work of young historians from the Keystone State – Rich Condon, Codie Eash, Kendrick Gibbs, and the author of this blog.

The blog will not only explore the stories of soldiers and the battles they fought, but will also delve into the impact the conflict had on the Pennsylvania home front. PennCivilWar will raise many questions and seek to find answers. Why did hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians take up arms in 1861-1865? How did the conflict impact politics in Pennsylvania? How did the state rebuild after the war? How do we remember the conflict in the Keystone State today? We will seek to answer these questions and many more.

As for Wynning History’s contributions to PennCivilWar? Expect to see stories from the Coal Region on PennCivilWar!

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Featured Image: Soldiers drilling at Camp Curtin in Harrisburg during the Civil War 

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