The Gazette: Episode 2 – Military on the March

On April 22, 1861, a militia company made up of 72 young men departed Pittston, Pennsylvania bound for the state capital to be mustered into the United States Army. Hundreds more prepared to follow and fill the Union ranks. News of the war’s first bloodshed in Baltimore raised anxieties as armies began to assemble.

In this week’s episode, we follow the early movements of militia units from Luzerne County as they marched off to fight in the worsening Civil War.

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Curtin Full
Harrisburg’s Camp Curtin in 1861. This became the assembly point for many of the militia companies from Luzerne County and across Pennsylvania. (Hathitrust – Harper’s Weekly)

Featured Image: Detail of a sketch of Camp Curtin in 1861 (Hathitrust – Harper’s Weekly) 

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