Introducing “The Gazette” – A podcast about a Coal Region town during the Civil War

Today, we are excited to officially share the trailer for a new project from Wynning History. “The Gazette – Dispatches from a Northern Civil War Newspaper” combines two of our historic passions – the Civil War and the Coal Region – in a platform that we are trying for the first time – podcasts.

This podcast will explore the story of Pittston, Pennsylvania in the American Civil War, using the town’s weekly newspaper as a guide to understanding how this mining and railroading town in Luzerne County experienced the bloodiest conflict in American history.

Listen to the trailer here here: 

Episodes will debut on Thursday mornings beginning on April 15th!

Visit “The Gazette’s” official page here for information about where to subscribe! 

Featured Image: Artwork for “The Gazette – Dispatches from a Northern Civil War Newspaper” 

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