Footage captures the damage and destruction caused by 1972 flood

In June 1972, Tropical Storm Agnes unleashed torrents of water on the Susquehanna River valley and caused one of Pennsylvania’s most memorable floods.

In the following videos, uploaded to YouTube within the last year, we can witness the devastation wreaked upon the Wilkes-Barre area during that notorious storm.

What are your memories of the storm? Share your stories of the ’72 Flood in the comments below.

Featured Image: Footage from the 1972 Flood (YouTube)

Times-Leader: 45 years later, Agnes still on people’s minds

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2 thoughts on “Footage captures the damage and destruction caused by 1972 flood

  1. I was 10 years old in 1972. The water from the black creek was higher than the bridge. I watched as a raccoon desperately trying to stay alive floating on a log. The log hit the bridge and the raccoon disappeared. Assumed he drowned.


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