Video: A short history of Williamstown Tunnel in northern Dauphin County

On a beautiful, balmy Easter morning, we went for a hike on the slopes of Big Lick Mountain in Williams Township.

The walk up the “Team Road,” the same trip made by thousands of miners over the last 155 years, is among my favorite. The Wynn family made the expedition to the former site of the Williamstown Colliery to shoot the following history video for Facebook Live:


The site of Williamstown Tunnel sits on Pennsylvania State Game Lands and can be accessed relatively easily today:

From 1865 to 1942, coal mining operations were more or less continuous at Williamstown Tunnel.

Williamstown Tunnel 2
At the face of Williamstown Tunnel
Williamstown Tunnel 3
“1856 – 1914”
Williamstown Tunnel 4
Williamstown Tunnel is sealed shut today, but you can still enter the face of the Tunnel
Williamstown Tunnel 1
A Wynn family snapshot from inside the Tunnel with the sun shining in.

Featured Image: Williamstown Tunnel in the late 1860s. This was before the modern facade on the tunnel was completed (1914). 

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