Podcast – Discussing the 1862 uprising in Schuylkill County

On a cold night in December, I sat down in a library in Frederick, Maryland to have a conversation with public historian John Heckman for his new podcast, The Tattooed Historian Show

Public historian John Heckman on the day we recorded our podcast episode.

With our mutual interest in the Civil War, we decided to talk about a little-remembered aspect of the conflict in the Keystone State: anti-war uprisings in the Anthracite Coal Region. We discussed the 1862 revolt in Schuylkill County that caused chaos in the southern Coal Region and inspired Abraham Lincoln to send Federal troops to stop the unrest.

The tiny village of Heckscherville became the center of the uprising in Schuylkill County in October 1862.

You can listen to the show below and be sure to subscribe to The Tattooed Historian Show on iTunes or Spotify so you can get the show downloaded right on your phone, tablet, or smart phone!

Click here to listen to The Tattooed Historian Show Episode 1: Jake Wynn

Want to learn more about the 1862 uprising in Schuylkill County led by anti-war Irish mine laborers? Check out the links below:

Revolutionary Disloyalty: A Coal Miners’ Rebellion in Schuylkill County During the Civil War

Miners’ Revolt in Schuylkill County during the Civil War caused headaches for Abraham Lincoln

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