96th Pennsylvania in the Overland Campaign: May 16, 1864

From Corporal Henry Keiser’s Diary: 

Monday May 16, 1864.  We were relieved from picket at 9 a.m. when we got back to the rifle pits we found Edward Pugh back from the field hospital, nearly recovered from a slight wound in the side, received on May 9th while our Regiment was on a double quick diagonally across an open field about 100 yards from a Rebel rifle pit in trying to head off some Rebel troops who were trying to reach a patch of woods in our right before we could get there, but we had beat them, and the General congratulated our Colonel on the able manner in which the Regiment obeyed the command and gained the positions.  Wrote a letter to father and mother, also one to my wife.  Pitched tents for the first time in ten days. Gen. Wright is now in command of the Corps (6th) and General Upton in command of the Brigade (2nd Brigade), 1stDivision, 6th Corps.

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