The 96th Pennsylvania in the Overland Campaign: May 7, 1864

From Corporal Henry Keiser’s Diary:

Saturday, May 7, 1864.  We marched through brush and mud for three miles until 3 this morning, when we formed a new line.  At daylight our Company and Company B were detailed as skirmishers to try and take up an opening on the skirmish line, but we failed to find the line.  We advanced for about one mile when the right of our Company captured three Rebels belonging to the 24th N.C. Regiment. [Me],  [Christian] Kiestling and [Charles] Woodford were ordered to take them back to General Sedgwick, which we did after a hard struggle through the woods.  We did not attempt to get back to the Company, but stayed with the Regiment and helped build rifle pits.  This evening the Rebels made another desperate charge on the right, but this time were repulsed with heavy loss.  The Company did not come in.  At nine this evening we moved by the left flank, toward Chancellorsville.

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