The Spanish Flu Outbreak in Williamstown – October 1918

From the Harrisburg Telegraph, October 9, 1918: The Spanish influenza epidemic has hit Williamstown hard, more than 100 cases being under treatment there at the present time. The three physicians at the town have more than they can take care of and a hospital was established this morning. Several nurses from Harrisburg were sent by … Continue reading The Spanish Flu Outbreak in Williamstown – October 1918

Baseball in Williams Valley, 1906

In honor of baseball's opening day, I bring you this. A newspaper story covering the newly formed Williams Valley League in the summer of 1906. Baseball became a phenomenon in the region, and several players from the league's teams went on to successful careers at higher levels. This time period also proved instrumental in developing … Continue reading Baseball in Williams Valley, 1906

Williamstown, Pennsylvania in 1864

This excerpt comes from the 1864 report of the Bear Valley Coal Company, a subsidiary of the Summit Branch Railroad Company.  This report marks the work on the "Williamstown Colliery," and the building of the first streets and homes in the town. While many farms already existed in the area now known as Williamstown, no … Continue reading Williamstown, Pennsylvania in 1864