“A New County Out of Dauphin” – A Proposal from the Residents of Lykens, Pennsylvania

In preparation for a blog post to come later this week, I present a brief introduction to the topic – Northern Dauphin County residents attempting to form a new county.

This comes from the Harrisburg Telegraph on March 8, 1879.

A New County Out of Dauphin.

A public meeting was held in Lykenstown on Thursday evening to take measures by which legal action could be had for erecting a new county out of the upper end of Dauphin County and portions of Northumberland and Schuylkill counties.

Jonas Garman, esq., presided, with a number of assistants in the capacity of vice presidents and secretaries. A number of the prominent citizens of Lykens delivered addresses favorable to the new county, after which a preamble and resolution were adopted unanimously.

These recite the necessity of forming a county from portions of Northumberland, Schuylkill, and Dauphin counties, because of the distance from the respective county seats, and invite delegates from the election districts of said territory to a convention to be held at Lykens on the 20th of March inst.

Messrs. John M. Blumm, Jonas Garman, H. Bueck, and Edward Miller were chose as delegates from Lykens.

This movement has evidently been started by the resident of Lykens, in the hope that if their project succeeds Lykens will be selected as the county seat of the new county.

Read a more comprehensive post in regards to the complex history of Northern Dauphin County and politics of separation.

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