A Presentation by Wynning History

7:00 PM on June 18, 2018 at Trinity United Methodist Church, Elizabethville, PA

(25 E. Main St., Elizabethville, PA)

Sponsored by the Elizabethville Area Historical Society

When news arrived in April 1861 that Confederate forces had opened fire on Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina, the citizens of northern Dauphin County jumped into action. Young men volunteered for service in the United States Army in droves. As they went off to fight, their home towns also stepped forward to save their country. Women and children knitted clothing, packaged bandages, and helped raise money for the war effort while simultaneously running farms and businesses while husbands and fathers fought for the Union.

Over the following years of bloodshed and heartache, the communities of Upper Dauphin County were drastically altered. Gone were the days of relatively quiet rural living. What followed was an economic boom that sent thousands of opportunistic people toward the “Upper End” to work on railroads, in iron furnaces, deep in the coal mines, and for businessmen to support these trades.

The Civil War left dozens of families in the region without husbands, fathers, and sons. Those that returned from the war were scarred physically, mentally, and emotionally. But the communities they returned to were thriving economically and were prepared to make the United States into an agricultural and industrial superpower.

Join us for the latest Wynning History presentation with the Elizabethville Area Historical Society at 7 PM on June 18, 2018 for “The Civil War in the Upper End: How America’s Bloodiest Conflict Shaped Upper Dauphin County.”

Jake Wynn will discuss the people and events that shaped the region during the American Civil War.

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